Is Booloumba Creek 'loved' to death?

The majority of visitors to Booloumba Creek, a particularly scenic part of the Conondale National Park, are bush walkers, birdwatchers and families who love to escape the city for a while. However, since this treasure has been featured on a commercial TV channel it has attracted a very different kind of visitors. Over the recent summer months it has been inundated by some people who pay little regard to the environment nor even to adjoining private properties. They certainly don't seem to come for the love of nature, the sparkling water, the birdsong, and the rugged beauty of Booloumba Creek. They rather seem more interested in irresponsible 4-wheel driving, drunken behaviour and littering. QPWS staff, 6 km away, and neighbouring private landholders have to deal with the unpleasant consequences of these visits.

Conondale Range Conservation supports a group of local landowners who are appealing to relevant authorities in an attempt to curb such misuse of our national park. CRC members and visitors to the creek can assist by using social media to promote peaceful and appropriate conduct for the enjoyment of everybody. Visit and help educate the public about the issue and rally their support. Let’s keep Booloumba Creek beautiful.


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