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There is no bigger threat to our environment than people's sense of powerlessness and their acceptance of the inevitability that change will be adverse.

"You can't stop progress" they say.

Yet there is no statement more true than 'United we stand, divided we lie horizontal'.

In the '60s and 70's, the whole area of the Conondales was earmarked for clear felling and converting to forestry plantations. It's only due to our collective voices over almost 40 years that it lives on as it does.

Join us and be part of the people still watching over the Conondales. You can be as active as you wish. Simply stay informed by receiving newsletters, if you like, or be more involved.

Remember, "No one made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little [Edmund Burke]" and 'The most powerful wave in the ocean... is just a lot of drips... moving in the same direction.'


Concession $18 /yr
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Member Testimony

Personal Testimony
"Back in the early '80's, I didn't live on the Sunshine Coast, but, having purchased land in the hinterland, subscribed to a little alternative newspaper The Sunshine News, out of Maleny. It's editor was Richard Giles who also happened to be the Project Officer for the Conondale Range Committee. He wrote so compellingly of the Conondales and the impassioned battle to conserve their wonderful biodiversity that I resolved to become a member when we moved to the area in 1983. Little did I know then of the momentum generated by like-minded people in a changing atmosphere of community support. Nor did I realise that, some years on, I would be part of the group celebrating the extended National Park, the mine rehabilitation or the historic Forest Agreement. It really does seem to me that the meek won't simply inherit the earth but that they have to be prepared to put up a fight for it."
Ian Mackay, CRC President since 1990

Walking on the Wilder Side
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