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Breadknife Elli2The Conondale Range has been rightly described as the 'hidden treasure' of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. A short journey from the coast brings you in contact with cool and beautiful forests as far as the eye can see. The Conondales are the largest patch of subtropical rainforest and associated eucalypt forest remaining on the Sunshine Coast.

The forests contain many hundreds of different plants, birds and animals that depend on this ecosystem for survival. It is literally the last stand for many of our endangered species - some of which are absolutely unique in the world.

It is a refuge set apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a place to explore, to drive through or, better still, to stop and to walk, to picnic, to camp, to relax and to marvel at it all. Bushwalkers will be rewarded with hidden pools and waterfalls. Birdwatchers will be in seventh heaven.

GreenThighedPetersCk2Yellow Lowers

“The Serpent”

situated just below Mt GheerullaCLIMB SEQ-COVER



The start of the track to this climbing rock is only 7km from Kenilworth.

From Eumundi drive 22.5km along the Kenilworth Road to Sam Kelly Road on the left just past the Gheerulla Hall. Park in the area before the cattle grid on the right.

For responsible low impact walking ...

follow the signs to the Great Walk track, go through the locked gate and turn right onto the track to Thilba Thala. Walk 1.3km to track sign with large rock cairn on the left, follow the rough bush track for about 10 minutes to ‘the climbing rock’

NOTE: Track notes on ‘The Serpent’ website follow a rough bush track straight up to the site. These tracks are not purposely built and case erosion especially after heavy rain. The official walking track is a little longer but much easier walking.

Working Bee Group

A successful FOP grant

A group from Sunshine Coast Bushwalkers, who are also CRC members, have been doing regular track maintenance on the Conondale Range Great Walk for several years. They were successful recently in receiving a Friends of Parks (FOP) grant to carry out major track works and repairs at Peters Creek on the Great Walk.

CRC also applied for the FOP State Government grant to produce a new information brochure on the Conondales. We were unsuccessful as Parks are gearing their information delivery to the internet. While this may work well in some places, there is no mobile or internet service available at Booloumba Creek or Charlie Moreland so getting the relevant information could prove rather difficult

Great Walks Maintenance Project

"Sunshine Coast Great Walks Track Maintenance Project"

The project was submitted by the Sunshine Coast Bushwalking Club and they received a “Friends of the Parks” Grant for $8650

The project aim is to continue to provide maintenance/reporting of the Hinterland and Conondale Range Great Walks.

To re-profile a section of track below Booloumba Falls and to repair a creek crossing between Sunday Creek Road and Peters Creek on the Conondale Range Great Walk. Also they plan to purchase tools and personal protective equipment for the Volunteers.

This project is expected to provide some 1000 volunteer hours.

The ongoing maintenance part of the project will start again on Tuesday 8 July. Re-profiling work is planned to start in late July and possibly work on a creek crossing off Sunday Creek Road.

Volunteer co-ordinator, Joe Kirkpatrick contact details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NEW! Great Walk Conondale Range

For all Great Walk enquiries contact -
www.epa.qld.gov.au/greatwalks or phone 1300 130 372, campsite bookings 13 13 04

Conondale Range Great Walk - opening Friday 2 July  2010

Access: Drive 7km south of Kenilworh to Booloumba Creek Road in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Or 14km from Conondale then 6km along the Booloumba Creek road, there are 2 creek crossings that require 4WD or high clearance vehicles.

There are three campsites on this 60km great walk.

Day Walks - part of great walk

The Mt Allan track from Booloumba Creek, day use area was opened at the end of September 2008.

Access:  from Booloumba Creek day use area (area 2) also from area 1 camp ground, add extra 40 min return.

4hours, 10.4 (return) medium level, some steeper sectionsbut not difficult.

This is a new track up to the Mt Allan Firetower. Views from the top of the tower are spectacular and on clear day you can see Mt Cooroora, Pinbarren, Cooroy and Kenilworth Bluff. This track is the end of the Great Walk circuit

Artists Cascades on Booloumba Falls track

Artists Cascades on Booloumba Falls track The next stage of Conondale Range Great Walk to Booloumba Falls was opened on Christmas Eve 2008. The walk starts from Booloumba Area three camp ground or from the first section of the Gold Mine walk but add an extra half hour each way.

Access: from Booloumba Creek day use or campground 3.

6 to 7 hours, 17 km (return)

It is about 8km (depending where you start) each way and allow at least 3.5 hours, (7 hours return) or have a car at each end. This magnificent  walk along Booloumba Creek goes past two amazing waterfalls then up to the Booloumba Breadknife and falls.

This is the first section of the 60km loop-track on the multi-day walk through the Conondale Range. The Mt Allan walk will be the last section of the Great Walk which returns to the day use area and start of the walk.

The 60km Conondale Range Great Walk will be a multi-day walk with three walkers’ camps, that showcases the rugged natural features of the area, including waterfalls, tall forests and expansive views over the range.”

The work achieved so far on the Great Walk was recognized at the official opening of the Mt Allan track by Carolyn Male.

The Conondale Range Committee would like to congratulate Mark Cody, Senior Ranger Conondale Range Great Walk and to the park staff who are building the track. It was a mammoth effort to complete the Booloumba Falls section by Christmas Eve. This section of the walk and the Mt Allan track are amazing walks that showcase the wonderful Conondales and make it accessible to all who make the effort.

Other local Great Walks

Hinterland Great Walk

Starts at Lake Baroon and goes along the Blackall Range to Mapleton then the Gheerulla circuit from Gheerulla Falls and back.

Three campsites, 58 km track.

Fraser Island Great Walk

Starts at Dilli Village to Happy Valley and includes many of the most popular lakes including Wobby and McKenzie

Eight campsites, 90 km track.

Cooloola Great Walk (opened 27 March 2010)

Total distance 90km or take the coastal route 102km. There are two main entrances the Noosa North shore and Rainbow Beach.

Four campsites, allow 5 days walking.

Mt Allan new walk officially opened

The new walking track up Mt Allan to the firetower takes approximately 4 hours (return), 10.4km. Access is from Booloumba Creek area two (day use area) or from area one camp ground, add and extra 40 minutes (return).

On Saturday 6th December Glasshouse MP Carolyn Male officially opened the first completed stage of the Conondale Great Walk. Ms Male said the historic Mt Allan fire tower was reopened ahead of the Christmas holidays following an $80,000 refurbishment.

“The Mt Allan fire tower was build in 1956 for fire reconnaissance,” Ms Male said, “It’s mainly used these days by visitors wanting to enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree views over the surrounding Conondale Range and proposed Great Walk route.”

“As with all of the Great Walks there has been thorough community consultation.

“The help of volunteers and others assisting with planning, revegation and some of the construction work has been invaluable to the overall project.

“Their involvement is testament to the commitment and pride of the local community in wanting to showcase the iconic features that make the Conondale Range such a wonderful and popular visitor destination.”

- from article in Range News.

11 December 2008

(The Mary Valley Voice 1 October 2008)

Local Muscle helps build Great Walk

The Conondale Range Committee and friends of the Conondale National Park turned out on a recent weekend (13 September) to help with work on Mount Allan section of the Conondale Range Great Walk.

working beeEnvironmental Protection Agency Senior Ranger Mark Cody said nearly 20 volunteers combined work and play on a Saturday morning to help rangers construct 100 metres of track that will be part of the Conondale Range Great Walks project.

“The help and input of local community groups such as the CRC have been invaluable in developing and progressing the project,”  Mr Cody said.

“It was a great day and the work achieved here will help meet milestones in the schedule for the overall great walk project.

A barbecue lunch gave everyone the chance to relax after the morning’s efforts and some members later enjoyed an afternoon walk up the new section under development to the Mount Allan fire tower. The 5km track and refurbished tower is due for completion at the end of this month.

Work on the Great Walk is progressing with the Mount Allan section expected to be finished for the start of the school holidays.”

The Conondale Range walk is one of four new Great Walks to be constructed at a cost of $6.5 million. The others are at Cooloola, Carnarvon and the Whitsunday Islands.

“It will provide spectacular views of the valleys and deep gorges as well as mountain outlooks on the top of the range.

The walk covers a 60km circuit through stunning landscapes and allows for short day walks or overnight hikes of up to four days.

Bush walkers will be able to enjoy rainforests and tall open forests, tranquil creeks and cascading waterfalls, to magnificent viewpoints including the Mt Allan Fire Tower.”

(The Range News, December 4, 2008)

Volunteers’ big effort

The Conondale Range Committee gathered again last weekend, (29 November) to help complete the first day section of the Conondale Range Great Walk ahead of next weekend’s community event.

Environmental Protection Agency Senior Ranger Mark Cody said work had been “stepped up” to ensure 12km of track along the lower Booloumba section of the Conondale Range Great Walk was completed before Christmas.

“This section will make up the first section of the 60km loop-track on the multi-day walk through the Conondale Range.

“Additional EPA staff joined the core Great Walk construction crew at a temporary camp along Booloumba Creek to get the most out of the longer summer days.”

Mr Cody said the help of the CRC had been invaluable in delivering a first-class long distance walking trail in the Conondale Range, and 16 local members put in a big morning’s effort to deliver another 100 metres of completed walking track in difficult terrain.

working bee 2“The work included moving large rock, constructing steps and retaining walls to create the finished track,” he said.

“The 60km Conondale Range Great Walk will be a multi-day walk with three walkers’ camps, that showcases the rugged natural features of the area, including waterfalls, tall forests and expansive views over the range.”

The work achieved so far on the Great Walk will be recognized this Saturday, weather permitting at the official opening of the recently completed Mount Allan walking trail and refurbished timber fire tower.

(article by Environmental Protection Agency)

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