Shirley’s heading for Kenilworth

Shirley Friend at the Mary RiverThe hilarious Shirley Friend, a past winner of the Noosa National Play Competition, has become something of a legend, performing from Port Fairy to the Gympie Muster, from Woodford to Winton. A member of the popular Naked Poets, her outrageous comical poetry has had her immortalised on the Wall of Renown at Tamworth's famous Longyard and now she's headed for Kenilworth!

She is cheeky, she is charming, and presents a collection of the most outlandish poems imaginable. Shirley is not backward in coming forward with many of the sometimes-embarrassing predicaments in her life. Her enthusiasm for the lighter side of life reminds us that 'laughter is the best medicine' and followers of her performances and readers of her books are immediately addicted to her work.

Shirley will be performing at the Kenilworth Poets Breakfast which has become an integral part of the Kenilworth Celebrates festival, with art exhibitions, art in the park, music, dancing and entertainment.

Shirley will be joined by fellow rhymesters like ABC’s favourite, Harry Donnelly, the laconic John Best, Irish Joe Lynch, Robin (Archie) Archbold, Mark Feldman, John Major and past president of the Australian Bush Poets Association Manfred Vigars.

There’ll be something for everyone and there’s always room for a poem or two from the audience.

Ian MacKay in hHatThe breakfast, an annual fundraiser for the Conondale Range Conservation group is hosted by popular local poet Ian Mackay

"It’s a great symbiosis that’s developed at our Breakfasts in Kenilworth," says Ian. "The audience love our poets and our poets reckon the Kenilworth audience is has one of the best you’ll find anywhere."

Ian says that no two Poet’s Breakfasts are ever the same.

"There’s an energy and a direction that somehow kicks in right from the start and our poets, between them, have such a wonderful repertoire that we all just go with it."

"If laughter is the best medicine, then the Kenilworth Poets' Breakfast is a real tonic," he says.

The ever popular breakfasts have delighted audiences for well over a decade and invariably attract both poets and audiences from far and wide with this year’s event promising to be even bigger and funnier than ever.

Poets Breakfast is on Saturday 4th October from 8am till "between 11 and 12" in the woodchop arena at the Kenilworth showgrounds.

Entry is $5, coffee and breakfasts are available for purchase from stalls. Enquiries contact Ian Mackay 54460124

Laughter at the 2007 Poets Breakfast

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