Local Road Widening - Yabba Road

The Conondale Range Committee has presented the Minister for Transport with a World Environment Day 'Stuffed Wildlife Award' for the recent road-widening activity through rainforest at Little Yabba Creek. CRC President Ian Mackay said the committee joined with a number of local residents condemning the clearing as "heavy handed" and "well beyond what was necessary" for the picturesque and environmentally significant forest, on the Maleny/Kenilworth tourist route, several kilometres south of Kenilworth. Mr Mackay claimed the area was significant as it was one of the few remaining stands of riverine rainforest along the length of the Mary River.


"It was preserved years ago at the insistence of local forester Charlie Moreland, a wonderful legacy which served as a stunningly beautiful entry to one of South-East Queensland's most bio-diverse regions the Conondale Ranges," he said. Mr Mackay claimed that the Department of Transport had reneged on it's commitment to consultation to ascertain the most favoured form of road improvement before any work was carried out. "It seems the Department has a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to road improvement," he said, "apparently it's oblivious of any environmental significance of area surrounding roadways. Many locals favoured a wider bitumen seal on the existing road and a reduced speed limit through the area."


"We accept lower speed areas when we pass through townships, I don't see why drivers expect to travel at an unimpeded 100km/hr through the rest" he said. The 'Stuffed Wildlife Award' certificate was presented with photographs of the clearing of significant habitat trees, and making clear the fact that the Beattie Government desperately needed a 'whole of government' approach if it was serious about retaining remnant vegetation. 



The CRC hasn't been alone in its condemnation. Apparently the over-clearing is being investigated internally and a recent development is that the Transport Department is offering consultation after the road is finished as to replanting the verges. Isn't this a little akin to closing the door after the horse has bolted? See photos of the clearing.

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