Summer Falls Workers Camp Maintenance 

Working Bee 29 August 2015

On Saturday, fourteen willing workers met in Kenilworth and filled out a mountain of paperwork to enable us to work safely on the Conondale Range Great Walk at Summer Falls.

Conondale Range workers, Peak Baggers walking group, friends and even two fit, young French backpackers all enjoyed the day working up a sweat at Summer Falls.

We drove to the end of the 4WD track at Summer Falls Road then walked down the hill carrying all the tools, oil turps, loppers, picks, etc. Half the group stayed at the camp to oil the tables, toilets and benches and then weeded around the camping pads and walkways. The rest of the energetic group walked the track circuit clearing weeds, logs and anything else in their path.

After a big morning's work we all enjoyed a delicious lunch of home-made cakes, real coffee and a few French treats courtesy of Christine.

On the way back to the cars there were plenty of iron bark orchids flowering and there was evidence of koala activity on the blue gums. The two young French men thanked us for such a great day out in the Aussie Bush.

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