04-10-2005 - Quarry Carnage Extends to Bluff Summit 4th October 2010 Sunshine Coast

Quarries has commenced to make good its' threat to "create the biggest eyesore ever" and deployed bulldozer tactics on the top of the Kenilworth Bluff. Bushwalkers were horrified to stumble across and discover the extent of recent clearing. Almost invisible from the Mary Valley below, Quarry earthmovers have cut a swathe through the heavily forested area. The land is designated as an Environmanetally Significant Area in the Cooloola Shire Strategic Plan, as a State Wildlife Corridor and part of it even as Essential Habitat, yet none of that recognition impeded the Quarry in its' mission.

Clearing now completed, it remains to be seen whether the Quarry will erect the 2.3mt chain and barb wire fence as planned. Bushwalkers who've relished the view from the top of the waterfall may well find their path blocked by an impenetrable fence. A remarkable feature of the southern end of the Bluff had been the complete absence of lantana and other declared weeds; now, adjacent to the clearing the first groundsel has been noted. It seems the Bluff has its' enemies but at this time it really needs friends. We implore those outraged to contact the Compliance Section of the Dept. of Natural Resources ph 54 512 268, and quote reference number: 10106/2005 in your objection.

Click here for photos of the recent carnage.

These photos don't adequately do justice to the steepness of the terrain, nor the scale of some of the vegetation removed. 

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